Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Learning How to Learn - Making Experience Count

When Iodine went into the United States Army to be all I could be, I went in as a United States Army Photographer. During photographic training, I asked respective modern times about making black and whites from slides. The stopping point minded response was always, "That's why we have got negative film, soldier. Prints come up up from negatives and microscope microscope slides come from slides."

I served 1 twelvemonth in Korea. The 2nd twenty-four hours I was there; my very first duty assignment was... you guessed it... 200 8x10 black and whites from existing slides. I tried to explicate that the paper and chemicals for that did not even be in the Army Supply system; but soon establish it did be in the regular army Diversion Center. This is where I met Mr. Kim. He taught me how to do black and whites from slides. Since ours was a very little post, I went through all his chemicals and paper in a very short amount of time. I had to happen a larger Diversion Center and fast, so I took the two hr autobus drive to Soul.

Soul, Korean Peninsula had twenty million people in it, twenty five old age ago. Their diversion centre was much larger and had plenty of paper and chemicals; however they only had 1 more than processing beat than our little diversion center. For those of you who don't know, making black and whites from microscope slides affects developing each black and white inside a visible light tight certain drum. The procedure usually takes about 28 proceedings per print. Now I had a whole new problem, I was physically running out of clip to make that many prints, that's when I met Mr. Lee.

Mr. Spike Spike Lee suggested I set two black and whites in each beat and develop 4 at a time. He explained that the paper have an emulsion side and a paper side. If the emulsion side touchings anything else it will be ruined, however if you set paper side against paper side with the emulsion sides facing away from each other, you can indeed set two black and whites in each single black and white drum. With Mr. Lee's aid I did pull off to acquire my first undertaking done just in the dent of time.

About a hebdomad later, I had to develop about 16 axial rotations of microscope slide movie in a very short amount of time. Again, I was faced with restrictions of a very little diversion center. They only had 4 reels to develop the movie on. I didn't have got the clip to travel to Soul, but thought about what I learned before. With a small spot of practice; I establish I could also set two axial rotations of movie on one reel and was finished within the allotted time.

I learned many things in Korea, but that procedure have stayed with me throughout my life.

First - I learned something new. (Prints from slides.)

Second - I learned how to better the something new. (Two black and whites in one tank.)

Third - I learned how to accommodate to something different. (Two axial rotations of movie on one reel.)

To this day, I have got NEVER seen a book or social class that adverts developing two axial rotations of slide

film on one reel. It's not easy. But it can be done.

The cardinal to the acquisition procedure is very similar to learning picture taking in general.

First - You have got to larn the basics. (Composition, Rule of Thirds, Etc.)

Second - You begin to develop a style. (You begin "Framing" your subject.)

Third - You take your work to the adjacent level. (You recognize that Framing and Rule of Thirds

can work on people shots too, not just nature.)

If most of your life you have got taken Nature Shots, seek shot people. If your chief beginning of income is wedding ceremony picture taking attempt shot Nature. Use all the fast ones of the trade you have got learned over the old age in new and exciting ways. If you are used to taking portraits of grownups seek disbursement three hours with a two twelvemonth old in the park.

To maintain your work exciting and vibrant, you, the photographer have got to be the same. Seeing things in new and exciting ways is a learned skill. Learning to see creatively is not something you only larn once and then you're done. The truly great ones; those who will dwell on forever in the field of picture taking (Ansel Adams, Prince Edward Edward Weston and Imogene Merce Cunningham come up to mind), are those who continued to larn and then relearn their trade every twenty-four hours of their lives.

This is the challenge I give to my students. "Don't just larn something once. Learn it again and again. Creativity makes not intend creating from scratch. It intends taking something you've already learned and applying it in a new and different way."

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Get Paid For Your Photos

If you desire to acquire paid for your photographs then welcome to the human race of independent photography. From hobbyists and amateurs through to professional independent photographers, many people have got establish that they can gain some other hard cash and even pay off a new digital photographic camera by merchandising their digital photography.

Here is some advice on how to acquire paid for your photos:

1. Research the Stock Photography Market

If you desire to acquire paid for your photographs you should take clip to research which photographs are more than than in demand and more in demand. Also give some consideration to those classes for which there looks to be an "under-supply".

Most micro stock picture taking web land sites do it relatively easy to see their most popular photos. You can find quickly which types of photos sell more than than others and are downloaded the most.

2. Take Good Photos

Your success in getting paid for your photos will ultimately come up down to your ability to take great photographs. There are many good books, web sites, and preparation courses of study that volition give you the preparation you necessitate to be a good photographer. If you desire to acquire paid for your photos, then you must larn to take an above norm photograph that clients will love at first glimpse and won't be able to resist.

3. Submit Your Photos to Stock Photography Sites

There are many stock picture taking land sites to which you can submit your photos. Many of these are actually referred to as "micro stock photography" sites. Microstock picture taking federal federal agencies are different to traditional stock picture taking agencies in that they usually beginnings their mental mental images almost exclusively through the Internet, working with a much bigger figure of photographers and merchandising images at comparatively low rates. They will work not only with professional independent photographers but also "amateurs" and "hobbyists".

4. Get Paid For Your Photos Many Times Over

Stock picture taking land sites are not the lone manner to acquire paid for your photos. You can also take your photos and make merchandises for sale. Some illustrations of possible picture taking merchandises include posters, prints, postcards, t-shirts and even books.

At CafePress, for example, you can plan a broad assortment of customizable merchandises using your photographs with zero upfront costs and zero stock list investment.

Anyone who can take a good photograph can acquire started in independent stock photography.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sell Your Photos - 3 Ways to Sell Your Freelance Photography

If you love picture taking then a calling as a independent photographer is well deserving considering. If you desire to begin a concern in independent picture taking there are three chief ways to sell your photos.

1. Stock Photography

Stock picture taking mentions to a stock of existing photos that tin be licensed for specific uses. Publishers, magazines, advertisement agencies, filmmakers, web designers, and graphical people are all illustrations of users of stock photography. They can utilize stock picture taking instead of hiring a photographer to hit the photographs they need.

As a photographer when you take photos those photos go a portion of your "stock". As the right of first publication holder you can licence the mental images again and again. Your stock photographs can be sold online through stock federal agencies and microstock sites, or by approaching publishing houses and other users directly, or you can sell them through your ain web site.

2. Photography Products

You can take your photos and make merchandises for sale. Some illustrations of possible picture taking merchandises include posters, prints, postcards, t-shirts and even books.

At CafePress, for example, you can plan a broad assortment of customizable merchandises using your photographs with zero upfront costs and zero stock list investment.

3. Photography Services

Another manner to work in independent picture taking is sell your skills, to sell your services as a photographer. In this capacity you could work on duty assignment for portraits, for weddings, or for assorted types of concern project.

If you only desire to work part-time at your photography, then working as a independent photographer is still a great manner to gain a small other hard cash or to pay for your adjacent digital photographic camera or lens.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Taking Pictures with a Digital Camera

The development in scientific discipline and engineering in recent old age have not just been about developing of devices that do life easier, it have also been a batch about making life more luxurious. One such as great development have been the conception of digital camera.

Digital photographic photographic photographic cameras are nil but cameras that let you to return images digitally instead of having to utilize cameras that take and shop images on photographic films. They are easy to use, and are generally multifunctional, providing assorted facilities. Digital photographic photographic photographic cameras are known for taking good images, which are as good as the images taken by the conventional cameras, if not better.

In fact, digital cameras let one not only to chink great pictures; they also let one to see the images as and when taken. Therefore, if you take a picture, and are not satisfied with the manner it looks, and if you still have got the chance of capturing that particular moment, you can travel on clicking your camera, till you acquire exactly what you desire.

Digital photographic cameras also let the option of using a flash visible light as and when required, to obtain a much clear image. In many digital cameras, there is also an option for taking automatic pictures. This is especially meant for those particular moments, when everybody wishings to acquire included in the picture, without being left out, staying behind the lens.

Digital photographic cameras also let the user to hit as well as save videos. Generally the sound and the image quality is good, though it mostly changes from photographic photographic camera to camera. The flash visible light can be used while picture shot too and the fact that these are so portable and handy, they let you to transport them anywhere for any length of clip with great ease. Options can be put for automatic picture shot to, in lawsuit cipher is willing to stand up behind the lens.

There are digital photographic cameras that also let you to change the style and colour of the images you may be taking. For instance, you may put an option to take only achromatic and achromatic pictures, or images with a blue or reddish hue. Some digital photographic cameras also come up with particular lens system that tin focusing and take images of a much wider area. Sometime you also might be able to take your ain images as well as videos, staying behind the lens system by adjusting them, if your digital photographic photographic camera gives you that option.

However, one of the top benefits of using a digital camera is probably the fact that it lets you to chink a big figure of images without having to worry too much about the memory space. The images may be saved in CDs, which intends that no substance how long your holiday maybe and how many images you stop up taking, you make not run out of space trying to salvage those sweet memories. This not only do digital photographic photographic photographic cameras more convenient to use, but it also do it very inexpensive as compared to the traditional cameras.

However, the particular characteristics provided by the digital cameras change from one photographic photographic camera to another, depending on the producing company, and of course of study on the terms scope of the camera. With the rapid development in digital photographic photographic cameras taking gait every now and then, and the terms coming down heavily, with each new discovery, digital cameras are fast becoming one of the most popular electronic commodity of the modern world.

Suddenly possessing a digital photographic camera have go a necessity in this fast changing world. Whether one loves picture taking or not, possessing a personal digital photographic camera is surely one extravagance many of us hunger for!

This article is under gnu FDL licence and can be distributed without any former mandate from the author. However the author's name and all the URLs (links) mentioned in the article and life must be kept.

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Beginning In Photography - Choosing The Right Lens

There is a dizzying array of picks when it come ups to choosing lenses for SLR cameras. From broad angle to telephoto, zoom along to premier lenses, fish eye, fast lenses, broad aperture lenses, the pick looks to be impossible. It's not really. What it come ups down to is asking yourself a simple question: What make I desire to shoot?

Different Lenses for Different Subjects

If you are just beginning in photography, opportunities are you are still experimenting and determination out what you like to shoot. You might hit a few household portraits 1 twenty-four hours and landscapes from your vacations the next. On the other hand, you may have got decided right from the start that you love taking photographs of wild animate beings and this is all you desire to do. Either way, the lenses required to acquire the best out of these topics differ greatly. To suit an expansive landscape mental image into your viewfinder, you would necessitate a broad angle lens. However, trying to take a portrait with the same lens system would ensue in a bantam small individual and not much else in the framework unless you are right in that person's human face and smelling their breath. While trying to take a image of a wild bear from 100 or more than metres away is just impossible (and you really don't desire to acquire any near to a wild bear). In a perfect human race you would have got 3 different lenses for each of these subjects. But in a perfect human race you'd also be a millionaire and be able to afford them all. So the thing to make is to make up one's mind what type of picture taking involvements you and take your lenses accordingly.

Length: Zoom versus Prime

There are benefits to using both zoom along along lenses and premier (fixed or non zoom) lenses. On one hand, zoom along lenses are versatile, and cut down the demand for a whole bag full of lenses that you necessitate to alteration and change again while you are out shooting. On the other hand, a good quality premier lens system can be gold. Prime lenses, if they are well built, generally bring forth a crisper, better quality image. This is because they have got fewer pieces of glass and moveable parts. Therefore the visible light coming in doesn't necessitate to go through through as many physical objects and so is less diffused. The other great advantage of premier lenses is that because of this, they be given to be "faster" than zoom along lenses. Practically, this agency that you can utilize slower shutter velocities as the lens system necessitates less visible light to make a right exposure. This is especially utile if you desire to take portraits with available light.


Another of import factor to see when choosing your lens system is its upper limit aperture. This is indicated in the verbal description by an degree Fahrenheit symbol. Eg. f/2.8. The less this number, the wider your aperture choices. For example, if you desire to take a portrait with lone your subject's facial characteristics in focus, you would utilize a broad aperture. If you desire to take a sweeping landscape where everything necessitates to be in focusing you would utilize a narrow (high number) aperture. Selecting a lens system with a wider aperture gives you more than than options when out shooting.

It is well known that lenses can be as much, or more, than photographic cameras themselves. It is also deserving noting that with lenses you acquire what you pay for. While no piece of equipment can singularly do the difference between a good photograph and a bad one, a well built lens system using quality glass, can take to sharper pictures. Therefore it is deserving considering the lenses you purchase carefully and investment in the best quality you can afford. Knowing what kind of picture taking you desire to prosecute can do this procedure a whole batch less intimidating and more than cost effective.

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Under Water Photography Tips and Techniques

The general intent of under H2O picture taking is to convey sea life to the surface. Most people are funny about what dwells submerged and what actually travels on beneath the ocean surface. Submerged photographers do it their missionary post to capture this concealed human race on photographic camera and convey to those people who will never acquire a opportunity to see it firsthand. The under H2O human race necessitates a specific accomplishments and techniques that are different from general picture taking skills.

The submerged human race necessitates to be captured up stopping point unlike wildlife picture taking for example. Since the H2O refracts and falsifies images, the near you are to your picture taking subject, the less deformation you will have. A great trade of forbearance is required for under H2O photography. You may be trying to take a photograph a fish or dolphin, but than they suddenly swim away before you acquire a opportunity to. Also, H2O incorporates many atoms like plankton that tin cause the mental image to lose direct contrast and sharpness.

Using an submerged flash, or strobe, will assist supply the proper lighting necessary for taking a great picture. Therefore, it is indispensable to utilize an submerged photographic camera with a flash. This volition aid to convey in other colours and direct contrast them with the colours of the subject. A medium sized stroboscope is all that is necessary as a big stroboscope can stop up getting in the way.

Composition is extremely important. The same basic regulations use as in regular photography, but you should hit at an upward angle towards the subject. Because of the disguise technique of most sea life, they be given to intermix into their habitats. Since they do not stand up out like this, they make not make good photographs. The cardinal is to always seek to acquire a clear shot whenever the topic blends into the ocean background.

If you are looking to better your nether H2O picture taking skills, you will first necessitate to work on your picture taking on land. When you acquire to the point where you are taking great photographs on land, than you can travel into the more than than advanced human race of submerged photography, where taking great images takes more forbearance and skill. Photography under H2O conveys sea life to the surface which gives us more than information about the cryptic Marine world. If you are just beginning to have got an involvement in under H2O picture taking you should see taking an submerged picture taking course of study to larn proper technique.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Photographing Your Dog Or Cat

Pets are natural photographic superstars. It do no difference if they are cunning or ferocious. Only children can steal the show from them. But like children, sometimes it's difficult to acquire them to make what you desire them to. Dogs and true cats don't always take way well, but you can utilize this trait to your advantage. By allowing them to be themselves you can capture their true nature. Here are a few helpful tips you can utilize to seek and acquire that perfect image of your domestic dog or cat. Pet picture taking can be fun, and will give you a opportunity to interact with your best friend.

Pets are animals of wont just like people. If you have got the forbearance to wait, and your photographic camera is ready, eventually you will acquire the present or mugful shot you're looking for. Fortunately there are better and quicker ways to accomplish this ideal and they being with planning.

Probably the high spot or your pet portfolio will be the portrait. This is the image that volition best capture your pet's character. There is a certain quality about your pet that brands them unique. It might be their sort eyes, or the manner they look at you when you believe they're smiling. Maybe it's the cockamamie expression on your true cats confront when he acquires fresh catnip. These are the qualities that endear them to you, so why not seek and exposure them?

The cardinal to achieving naturalness in your pet photograph is to relax. You desire your pet to experience at ease. Pets pick up on the vibrations of their masters, if you're calm down they will likely follow suit. Try to acquire their image in their favourite hangout, like the true cat cradle, or on the carpet in presence of the mantle. Wherever it is they experience most unafraid is likely to bring forth the most natural and adorable picture. The background can be nearly as of import as the portrait itself. My image of my Lab sitting on the deck with a lawn tennis ball in his mouth, and ready to play is how I'll always retrieve him. The whole thought is to capture what your pet intends to you.

Camera Settings: To seek and discourse the different photographic camera scenes and fluctuations in lighting is beyond the range of this article. With a digital SLR in the manual manner it's possible to accomplish numerous personal effects with visible light and shadow. You can acquire terrific shots of your pet with a point and shoot as well, as long as you understand its limitations. Regardless of which type of photographic photographic camera you utilize the fast one is to have got your camera scenes programmed and be ready to shoot. When using a DSLR it assists to concentrate on your topic and deject the shutter halfway. Then you'll ready when the right mental image appears. Try to anticipate the unexpected and be prepared for sudden movement. Your window to acquire that perfect image could be brief.

Expression: Your pet's look is not just a feature of his face. It can be the sum of money of many traits. Your pet's glistening coat can be augmented by soft visible light or expressed more than fully if shot when it's taking a sunbath. The symmetrical lines of a felids glossy organic structure are a great manner to capture its personality and uncover the entirety of its alone character. When shot images of your true cat the ears should be up. Most true cats are naturally alert so this is not difficult to achieve. When photographing domestic dogs or true cats the olfactory organ should be wet and glistening and show the vivacious wellness of your furry friend.

Camera angle can be of import in achieving fantastic or merely generic images of your pet. You will acquire a more than realistic image if you put the photographic camera at about the same degree as your pet. If your domestic dog is lying on the flooring with his lingua wall hanging out . . . it intends you necessitate to acquire down there with him if you desire a alone and permanent exposure with the most personality.

Freeze Your Subject: If you make up one's mind you desire more than active photographs of your pet it's a good thought to utilize your photographic camera flash. Even if the animate being is moving quickly and it's a bright twenty-four hours your photographic camera will freeze the action better if you turn on your flash.

The whole thought when photographing your pet is to link with ground you got him in the first place. Goad of the minute images are great and certainly unique. But if you desire to capture the personality of your true cat or domestic dog it assists to take a small clip to work with them. They will feel the attending and the affectionateness and it assists to convey out their best qualities.

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