Thursday, July 12, 2007

Digital Photography For Beginners

Just starting out in digital photography? It is not that difficult to take beautiful shots with your camera if you do it the right way. Here are some beginner tips you can follow:

Be Close

Try to get close to your subject. Close up shots adds more expression and details to your photo.

Right background

Try to go for simple backgrounds. They are often the best. If you can't get a good background, try to adjust your DOF (Depth of Field). This will focus on your subject and blur far objects.


Your photo is a rectangular image. Hence you can choose between two orientation - vertical or horizontal. Horizontal orientation is usually not suitable for tall objects. It is best if you take the photos in both ways and determine which one is better.


Use the rule of thirds to make your photos more interesting. Position your subject at the intersections of the imaginary lines will break up the symmetry. Your photo will be more artistic.

Unique angle

Your shots don't always have to be at eye-level. Be more creative. You can try shooting your subjects from the ground or above you. Don't be afraid to experiment.


You can use your surroundings to frame your subjects. In fact, you can use almost anything. Trees, doorways, windows etc are good natural frames.

Differentiate dimension & distance

A photo of a distant subject can seem static and one-dimensional. Including subjects nearer to you in your photos gives a sense of distance.

If you are still a beginner, the above methods are great ways to improve your digital photography skills. Don't forget to practice and take more shots as often as you can. Photography is something you need to have hands-on!

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