Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'm Squishy And I Need To Move On It

I'm stealing a page out of Jamie's book and posting a video today. AND as Jamie likes to do, I'm posting Mystery Science Theatre - but instead of a movie I'm posting a short - MY FAVOURITE short - Young Man's Fancy. I rarely post anything MST3K - even though this blog is NAMED after MST3K, and even though the header picture is from MST3K and even though MY WHOLE LIFE REVOLVES AROUND MST3K - because I'm always afraid of rambling on and on and on....Also I always fear I can never adequately convey my love of all thing MST3K. BUT I'm taking a deep breath, transgressing the fear, and posting......THIS. Best short EVER.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

And the Winners Are

SO - Cate did it, she retires undefeated! Which is cool - but I admit, I do kinda wish Evangeline had a chance at another round. HOWEVER - I am still thrilled Cate is undefeated. You see how I keep going back & forth here? That's why I actually never ended up voting. I just couldn't make up my mind! Oh, that and I am, as you know, a tad verbose...

SO neither Cate nor Evangeline will be in the next round, which means we will have two new nominees coming up! It's been a while since that happened, eh? Kinda cool - everyone likes new meat.....

Taye and Jake - WOOWEE. Remember at the beginning of the round I said Taye was running away with it? And THEN it was super close? It was actually tied for a while near the end there, but Taye pulled through! Which is cool - I voted for him, I just think he is hot, plain & simple - but I am kind of surprised Jakey Poo won't be in the Championship Round. People get so 1950s squealing teenage girl about him!

As for the dead folk, the ladies was never in doubt. Dorothy Dandridge CRUSHED her competition. And even though her competition was my nominee, I think the result was appropriate - I mean, LOOK at her!

The men was a different story. Michael Hutchence was actually in the lead until late last night, when a couple of votes came in for Gary Cooper. This one really did come down to the wire (if, you know, there was a wire around here...)

Come back later today for the next rounds!

Total votes:

Cate Blanchett 12 Evangeline 9

Taye Diggs 13 Jake Gyllenhaal 10

Dorothy Dandridge 17 Josephine Baker 2

Gary Cooper 11 Michael Hutchence 10

Friday, March 16, 2007

Cup of Eye Candy Round 47 - Lenny Kravitz vs Jake Gyllenhaal

Well, this round drags on. I suppose the only exciting thing about it is if you're a fan of either of these 2 guys, you get to see lots of nice pictures. Other than that, there's no...'excitement' here at all. Foregone conclusion and all that.

BUT WE'RE STILL NOT CALLING IT, POOK. Oh and your evil evil ways....AND YOUR WEE BEADY EYES! And that smug look on your face. 'Oh, you're gonna buy my chicken! Ohhhhh!'

Tomorrow is the last day to vote, so, you know, if you just feel like voting, might as well, eh?

Cup of Dead Candy Round 23 - Di vs Bette, Brandon vs George

For once, none of the Dead Candy rounds are close. But as usual, still close enough that it could go either yada yada yada.

So tomorrow is the last day to vote, so get your votes in!

Clockwise from top left:

Bette Davis

Princess Di

Brandon Lee

George Best

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Cup of Dead Candy Round 21 - Ingrid Bergman vs Dale Evans, Rudolph Valentino vs Brandon Lee

Our next round features two new nominees - Dale Evans, as nominated by Pookie (and who is indeed a woman, despite my insistence on putting her on the list of Dead Dudes), and Brandon Lee, as nominated by Jamie.

They will be taking on Ingrid Bergman and Rudolph Valentino, respectively.

Wait a second, I just noticed something - remember I told you a week or two ago that you need to start making more dead candy nominations because there were only about 4 of us nominating with any regularity? Well get this:

Ingrid Bergman - nominated by Jamie

Dale Evans - nominated by Pookie

Brandon Lee - nominated by Jamie

Rudolph Valentino - nominated by Pookie

So Jamie and Pookie's nominees will now be facing off, like, all criss-crossed & stuff!


Anyway, rest assured that any nominations you have made since I put out that plea are on the list - but as you know, I try and do this in order of when the person was nominated (with a bit of tweaking of course, to make sure the same person's nominees aren't always up at the same time.) So don't worry, your nominees are coming up! (Eventually *cough*)

Clockwise from top left:

Dale Evans

Brandon Lee

Ingrid Bergman

Rudolph Valentino

Get voting!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Cup of Dead Candy Round 20 - Mae et al LAST DAY FOR VOTING!

SO - this is what you need to know. The chick rounds - both dead & alive - aren't really close. The living chicks are close enough that anyone could win, but still, not that close.

As for the men. BOTH dead and alive are REALLY close. REALLY REALLY close. I think we may have some more ties on our hands.

It's up to you.

LAST DAY FOR VOTING. Let's prevent those ties, people!

Clockwise from top left:

Mae West

Ingrid Bergman

Rudolph Valentino

Yul Brynner