Monday, July 31, 2006

Cup of Eye Candy Round 2 cont'd - Fabio vs Patrick

Tomorrow is the last day for voting for this, the second round of Cup of Eye Candy. And I'll tell ya, the votes are MUCH closer than they were this time last week for Fabio and Damon. Now, there is of course the possibility - nay, the certainty - that Mrs. Fabio Cannavaro (aka Daya) will go on another sexually explicit and violent campaign in order to garner votes for Fabio, but in all honestly I don't even know if that's necessary this time - it is VERY close (but I won't tell you who is in the lead hehe.) AND if you're wondering why there is only one picture of Fabio compared to two of Patrick, it's because halfway (well, 3/4 way technically) into uploading the pictures to post, blogger crapped out on me. AS USUAL. SO I will post the second Fabio picture as soon as I can. OK DAYA????? :P

So to reiterate, if you haven't voted yet, do so soon!


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