Sunday, February 11, 2007

And the Winners Are...

Son of a bitch. WE have TWO TIES! TWO! And while I'm THRILLED that one of those ties is in the Chick Candy & therefore my Shannyn gets to go for another round, I CANNOT BELIEVE WE HAVE TWO TIES! TWO! TWO! TWO MINTS IN ONE!

Liv Tyler and Shannyn Sossamon finished the round tied with 10 votes each. Jim Morrison and Tyrone Power finished with 9 votes each.

SO Liv, Shannyn, Jim & Tyrone will all be going for ANOTHER round.

Good Lord!

As for the other two rounds, Grace Kelly defeated Madeline Kahn by a total of 12 votes to 8, so Grace Kelly is now retired - undefeated - and we will have two brand new nominees next round!

Mark Ruffalo defeated Ben Affleck by a total of 12 votes to 5 - which means Mark Ruffalo becomes the third nominee to be eligible for the Championship Round of Eye Candy!

SO there's your wrap-up. Come back later today for the next rounds! You already know who will be in the next Chick Candy and the next men's Dead the other two rounds will be new!


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