Sunday, December 3, 2006

Current List of Eye Candy Nominees

DO ME A FAVOUR. I am usually really good with keeping track of nominations, etc, but I realized yesterday that I'd included a nomination on the list I have on a word document, but I didn't include it on THIS CURRENT LIST until just yesterday. And he'd been nominated a few days before that. SO - take a look at the list and in addition to the usual nominating and ridiculing, CHECK THAT YOUR NOMINEE IS NOT MISSING, K?

AND DON'T try & pull any fast ones on me, I'LL KNOW if you nominated them for REAL or not or if you're just tryin' to shit me! Like, if all of a sudden I see in the comments 'HEY, WHERE THE HELL IS CLAY AIKEN!' or 'I KNOW I NOMINATED ROSIE O'DONNELL, HOW COME SHE'S NOT ON THE LIST?!?!?!'

Actually, Clay Aiken WAS nominated many moons ago......but we'll all just forget that ever happened, WON'T WE, BIZNATCH?

By the way, I think, I THINK, I finally chose a Current List photo that not even David and Oomfoofoo Cootersnaps can find attractive (though you can never say for sure......dude DOES have a cute little tooth, there....)

Adam Beach - me

Adam Rodriguez - Biznatch

Adrien Brody - Pookie

Aiden Quinn - Pookie

Alexander Frei - me

Amaury Nolasco - JT

Andy Garcia - Bonnie Blue

Anthony Kiedis - David

Arnold Vosloo - Prico

Ashton Kutcher - David

Ben Affleck - Bonnie Blue

Ben Browder - Prico

Ben Stiller - Debbie

Benicio del Toro - Prico

Bill Goldberg - David

Billy Zane - David

Brad Pitt - David

Brandon Routh - Sunny

Bruno Campos - Prico

Chris Evans - Prico

Chris Jericho - David

Cillian Murphy - Jamie

Clive Owen - Jamie's mom

Cole Hauser - Prico

Dane Cook - David

Daniel Craig - You Bloody Whore (the artist formerly known as Daya)

Dainius Zubrus - Jennifer/Kermit

Dave Navarro - David

David Arquette - Prico

David Beckham - me

David Boreanaz - Biznatch

David Thewlis - David

David Walliams - me

Dolph Lundgren - David

Dougray Scott - me

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson - David

Ed Norton - You Bloody Whore (the artist formerly known as Daya)

Eddie Cibrian - Prico

Eddie Vedder - Jennifer/Kermit

Eric Bana - Maluse

Eric Mabius - Bonnie Blue

Fred Savage - Prico

Gary Dourdan - Sabine

George Clooney - Pookie

Greg Kinnear - Bonnie Blue

Guy Pearce - Larissa

Hayden Christensen - Holly

Heath Ledger - me

Henrik Lundqvist - Jennifer/Kermit

Henry Rollins - Jamie

Hugh Jackman - David

Hugh Laurie - Prico

Jake Gyllenhaal - Biznatch

James Franco - Equinox

James Denton Jacquie

Jamie Oliver - Debbie

Jarome Iginla - me

Jason Lee - Prico

Javier Bardem - Vanina

Joe Flanigan - Prico

John Cena - David

Johnny Knoxville - David

Jon Bon Jovi - Bonnie Blue

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers - David

Jonny Lee Miller - me

Jose Theodore - Jennifer/Kermit

Josh Hartnett - You Bloody Whore (the artist formerly known as Daya)

Josh Radnor - Bonnie Blue

Julian McMahon - Prico

Julian Sands - David

Justin Timberlake - Fancy

Kevin Bacon - me

Kevin Spacey - Jamie

Lance Armstrong - Bonnie Blue

Lenny Kravitz - Sabine

Liev Schreiber - Jamie

Mads Mikkelsen - me

Mario 'AC Slater' Lopez - Biznatch

Mark Feuerstein - Prico

Mark Ruffalo - Shondi

Mark Wahlberg - David

Markus Naslund - me

Matt Damon - Kitten Love

Matt Dillon - Larissa

Matthew Fox - Jenn

Mekhi Phifer - me

Michael Angarano - Prico

Michael Chiklis - Prico

Michael Palin - David

Michael Rosenbaum - Prico

Michael Shanks - Prico

Michael Vartan - me

Michael Weatherly - Jenn

Mike Ness - Pookie

Nathan Fillion - Jamie

Nestor Carbonell - Prico

Nestor Serrano - Prico

Nicholas Brendon - Jamie

Niclas Alexandersson - JT

Nikki Sixx - Pookie

Oded Fehr - Prico

Oliver Hudson - Bonnie Blue

Olivier Martinez - Bonnie Blue

Orlando Bloom - Silvana

Owen Wilson - Debbie

Paul Bettany - Bonnie Blue

Paul McCartney - T.

Paul Newman - Biznatch

Paul Rudd - Bonnie Blue

Paul Walker - Bonnie Blue

Peter DeLuise - Prico

Peter Onorati - Prico

Prince - Jessucka

Q-Tip - me

Raine Maida - me

Richard Gere - Jacquie

Ricky (Raviv) Ullman - Jamie

Robbie Williams - Sabine

Robert Downey Jr. - David

Robert Sean Leonard - Prico

Rodrigo Santoro - Biznatch

Ron Livingston - Bonnie Blue

Rufus Sewell - English Muffin

Rupert Everett - David

Russell Crowe - Prico

Ryan Gosling - me

Ryan Hollweg - Jennifer/Kermit

Ryan Philippe - David

Scott Caan - Prico

Scott Speedman - me

Scott Weiland - David

Sean Bean - David

Sean Patrick Flanery - Jenn

Sergio Garcia - Equinox

Sheldon Souray - me

Shemar Moore - Kitten Love

Simon Baker - Bonnie Blue

Stanley Tucci - Prico

Sting - David

Taye Diggs - Bonnie Blue

Timothy Olyphant - Jamie

Tom Welling - David

Topher Grace - Bonnie Blue

Trent Reznor - Pookie

Tyler Florence - Biznatch

Tyrese - You Bloody Whore (the artist formerly known as Daya)

Tyson Beckford - Shell

Viggo Mortensen - You Bloody Whore (the artist formerly known as Daya)

Vin Diesel - David

Vincent D'Onofrio - David

Vincent Lecavalier - me

Wentworth Miller - Jax

Wesley Snipes - David


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