Thursday, February 22, 2007

Yet ANOTHER Britney Update, and ANOTHER Rehab Visit....

I just can't be bothered digging up pics for this, but I'd be remiss in not posting it, since apparently I've decided to follow this train wreck so closely.

All info courtesy of Lainey:

KFed Makes his Move

As expected, and in light of Britney’s public collapse, Kevin Federline is going for his children after seeking and being granted an emergency hearing in family court this morning.

read it here


KFed: It worked

He motioned to take the babies away from her, it scared her enough to go back to rehab.

read it here
UPDATE - So I lied, I've included some pictures here. Britney going apeshit on some papparazis. They're funny to me. Had to include them.


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