Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Cup of Dead Candy Round 21 - Ingrid Bergman vs Dale Evans, Rudolph Valentino vs Brandon Lee

Our next round features two new nominees - Dale Evans, as nominated by Pookie (and who is indeed a woman, despite my insistence on putting her on the list of Dead Dudes), and Brandon Lee, as nominated by Jamie.

They will be taking on Ingrid Bergman and Rudolph Valentino, respectively.

Wait a second, I just noticed something - remember I told you a week or two ago that you need to start making more dead candy nominations because there were only about 4 of us nominating with any regularity? Well get this:

Ingrid Bergman - nominated by Jamie

Dale Evans - nominated by Pookie

Brandon Lee - nominated by Jamie

Rudolph Valentino - nominated by Pookie

So Jamie and Pookie's nominees will now be facing off, like, all criss-crossed & stuff!


Anyway, rest assured that any nominations you have made since I put out that plea are on the list - but as you know, I try and do this in order of when the person was nominated (with a bit of tweaking of course, to make sure the same person's nominees aren't always up at the same time.) So don't worry, your nominees are coming up! (Eventually *cough*)

Clockwise from top left:

Dale Evans

Brandon Lee

Ingrid Bergman

Rudolph Valentino

Get voting!


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