Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Cup of Chick Candy Round 45 - Milla Jovovich vs Paz Vega

Milla is now in her fourth round, and as mentioned in the winners post, is Championship Round bound! Hey, that rhymes...

Her next nominee is someone I didn't THINK I'd heard of before she was nominated, but I had, I just didn't know her by name. Her name, by the way, is Paz Vega, and she was nominated by Jacquie. She's been in lots of stuff, but where I know her from is the movie Spanglish - never saw it, but did see plenty of commercials for it.

The only other thing I know about her is she's HOT....OOH LA LA, HOT HOT HOT.

I seriously don't know how I'll be voting this round - I'll probably have to hold off for a bit before I vote...

You have until end of day Saturday to vote - Milla or Paz? Get voting!


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