Sunday, April 15, 2007

RIP June Callwood

June Callwood dies at age 82


June Callwood loved her little sports car -- even if it pained her arthritic hands to drive it.

'She was here for lunch last fall and she offered to drive me back to my office in her standard Miata,' Casey House chairman Jamie Watt remembered with a chuckle yesterday, only hours after the death of the revered Toronto author, journalist and social activist.

'She had the old wind-up windows and she couldn't do it any more. She said she would just have to get a new one with power windows.'

Callwood died early yesterday after a lengthy battle with cancer. She was 82.

She was a pioneer in the fight to improve the lives of people living with AIDS, founding Casey House hospice in 1988 and naming it after her son, who died in a 1982 motorcycle accident.

'She will always be with us,' Watt said. 'Her legacy is her values. If we always stay true to providing the most compassionate care, looking after the whole person, fighting people no one wants to look after and being courageous then we will always be something that she would be proud of.'

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